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Dinosaur Days with Jurassic Jock Everybody likes dinosaurs. From Hollywood movies to BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs, the subject is always popular. Our Dinosaur Days theme features fossil-handling sessions with a huge collection brought to you, many of them found in Scotland (to encourage further investigation) but with overseas dinosaur material too. 'Braxter' the full-sized replica of a brachiosaur head comes with us for photo-opps and there may even be big footprints leading to our set-up. We have arts activities that include taking rubbings of large fossil replicas, drawing sessions and taking casts of dinosaur footprints. There is often the possibility of winning some really nice items in a free competition as we are always offloading some of our massive collection of finds. These sessions can be delivered in museums, schools, shopping centres or even as a children's party. The emphasis is on fun but there is an education aspect to this and serious-minded children interested in pre-history are given encouragement. We are rather proud of this theme and it has made many, many children happy and feeling inspired in the years we have be doing this.